We can now use a new app, “USAPL Scoring App” on Apple and Android phones and tablets.  Search for  “USAPL Scoring App” in your app store.  You’ll need your USAPL member ID, such as 0333440 and a password.    If your ID looks like this 1234-0333440, drop the first part (1234-).   Or if you get your number from the USAPL website:


It might look like 9900003049700.  Drop first 5 and last digit:   99000 / 0304970 / 0 and get this:  0304970

You can specify a password when you sign up when you first run the app.

When you get into the app, select  your match from the list.  Select which team picks first.  Select the set  #.  Select players using the down arrow to open up the list.

Click on “SHORT RACE” to change it to “LONG RACE”.

Click on First Break player if not correct.  Click on “Done”.  Click on “Score Game 1”.

When balls are made, touch and drag pool balls up or down depending on who made it. 

Double touch a ball to indicate scratch or any case where the ball is dead.

By just selecting the two players in a set, the race-to numbers are set for you.  You don’t need to look up the players in the Fargo app to get these numbers.  The points needed to get to the hill are always displayed, so you don’t need to subtract to see if someone is on the hill.

You can score two matches this way: One scorer uses the app by dragging ball icons.  Another scorer uses paper, then tells the first scorer the final score of each game.  The first scorer can scroll down to the other set and enter the other scores, or wait until the end of the set and enter them all then.


If you forget to select LONG RACE and start scoring a game, there seems to be no way to correct it without starting the match over.  Let me know if there is a way (philhf45@gmail.com).

If you want to be really cautious, scoring games on paper and entering the scores into the app would be the way to go.  The app still takes care of race-to numbers, on-the-hill status, and final team score.