These will still be handicapped tournaments using player’s Fargo Rating. A method has been worked out to assign an accurate as possible rate for those players that do not have a Fargo Rating.

The players will race to Fargo “Shorter Race” points on the WINNER’S SIDE ONLY. The Loser’s side will race to 2 games.

In the final match between the winner of the Loser’s side and the winner of the Winner’s side, the Loser’s side winner must win 4 games and the winner of the Winner’s side must win 3 games.

The tournament will begin at 10:00 am and last until finished or 7:00 pm whichever comes first. With 16 players we normally get done by 3:30 pm.

If we have a crowded field and the tournament starts to run long and looking like we won’t finish by closing time, we will go to a One Game out format.

We will be using USAPL/Club rules as we normally do, and the Tournament Director will make final rulings if needed, just like Flight Leaders do during Flight Tournaments.

You can sign up for a tournament by:
1. Emailing Bill Feeney at
2. Signing the signup sheet at the desk in the billiards room.
3. Signing up on Tournament day, if a spot is available.

The Tournament will start at 10:00 am. Please finish signups/payments by 9:30 am so the Tournament player brackets can be set up.

Any questions email, call, or talk to Bill Feeney. Cell phone number is 606-304-2561