2015 SCA Pool Club Tournament Schedule

                                    as of 08/31/2015

 AA Flight             B Flight                   Doubles                     C Flight                  A Flight

Mondays      Tuesdays  Wednesdays  Thursdays Fridays     

2016 SCA Pool Club Tournament Schedule

                                      as of 2/29/2016

        C Flight               A Flight                 B Flight                   Doubles              AA Flight  

Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays      Fridays
Tournaments will not be held on following dates:

*On days of quarterly meetings, the flight leaders may opt to have a tournament.

Flight Leaders:
AA: Tosh Yasuda    702-353-4903
A: Bill Feeney 606-304-2561
B: Dzintra Landers 702-492-6778
 C:  Beth Weddle  702-407-8341
AA/A Doubles: Jerry Nichols   702-407-9227
AA/A Doubles: Ric Davis          949-874-3015
 B/C Doubles: Howard Richards-702-263-0795
  B/C Doubles:  Hank Stuckrath –    702-558-6392