ON/OFF Button – turn unit on or off
START Button – returns score to zero-zero to begin a game
NUMBER Buttons – press number made and new total score shows in 3 sec.
Use the (-) to subtract or (c) to cancel in case of error
MEMORY Button – press repeatedly to see last 4 scores in reverse order
MATCH COUNT Button – use 1 or (-) button to go up or down. Press Match Count button again to go back to the point scores.
2 OR 6 PLAYERS Button – shows point count for up to 6 players. The player appears on the green side and his/her score on the red side.

ON-OFF TIMER Button – turns timers on and off
START-TIME1 Button – starts the timer for set time (can be 5 to 90 seconds)
START-TIME2 Button – starts the timer for set time (can be 2 to 9 minutes)
Program Time1 or Time2: hold the button down and use (+) or (-)
STOP OR CONTINUE Buttons – make the timer stop and resume.