SCA Billiards Competition Committee

Bill Feeney – chairman

Ron Armstrong

Dennis Landsman

Rex Weddle

Gordy Groff

Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  • Be a significant asset and liaison between the SCA Billiards Club and its members.
  • Provide recommendations to ensure that our SCA Billiards rules are fair to all flights and levels of abilities.
  • Determine which committee recommendations require membership support.
  • Maintain overall responsibility for any and all decisions related to league play, e.g. USAPL.
  • Ensure that adapted rules are consistent with the club spirit.
  • Solicit and encourage input from our members in the form of ideas and/or recommendations for future rule adaptations.
  • Present committee recommendations to the SCA Billiards Club board approximately two weeks prior to established quarterly meetings.
  • If requested by the Club president, be available and willing to present committee recommendations approved by the board at each quarterly meeting.

Updated:     4/14/2016