SCA Billiards Advisory Committee

  • Ron Armstrong – chairman
  • Roman Lutak
  • Owen Humphrey
  • Andy Secker
  • Bob Jannarone


Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  • Be a significant asset and liaison between the SCA Billiards Club and its members.
  • Provide recommendations to ensure that our SCA Billiards facility is first class and provides all levels of players a comfortable, updated, and safe environment.
  • Strive to help our members understand and appreciate the facility and associated amenities.
  • Solicit and encourage input from our members in the form of ideas, recommendations, and plans for future improvements, modifications, and/or deletions to the billiard facility.
  • Present committee recommendations to the SCA Billiards Club board approximately two weeks prior to established quarterly meetings.
  • If requested by the Club president, be available and willing to present committee recommendations approved by the board at each quarterly meeting.
  • As directed by the SCA Club President, prepare and submit club approved PIRFs to the appropriate SCA standing committees (e.g., Lifestyles, Property and Grounds, Facilities, Board of Directors).
  • Follow up with any and all committees to understand status and timing for submitted PIRFs and keep club president informed as appropriate.
  • Endeavor to work with association members outside of club membership to share and consolidate common areas of interest where possible.

Updated:  1/31/2016