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Section A.     Name of Organization:  Sun City Anthem Billiards/Pool Club (SCABPC)

Section B.       Club Purpose:

To promote and provide pool activities & competition opportunities for club members.

Section C.       Compliance:

These by-laws fully comply with SCA Association’s Governing Documents, and the Chartered Club Guidelines and Rules (CCG&R’s). In the event of a conflict between these by-laws and the Governing Documents or CCG&R’s, the latter will prevail.

Section D.       Authority:

This Club shall be operated under the authority and control of the SCA Association in accordance with applicable statutes and the Association’s Governing Documents.


Section A.      Membership:

Membership is open without discrimination to any occupants of a Sun City Anthem home who holds a valid Sun City Anthem Association (SCACA) Activity card.  There shall be neither precondition for membership nor the requirement for subsequent membership in an affiliated national, state, or regional organization.  Any such affiliation would be optional on the part of the individual club member.

Section B.      Guest Policy:

Eligible residents and non-resident guests may be extended privileges as long as they meet the Chartered Club Guidelines and Rules of the Association.

Resident Guests are permitted to attend functions a maximum of five times per year and must then become members in order to continue enjoying benefits.

Non-Eligible Guests do not qualify for membership, must be accompanied by a member at all times, and not attend more than five (5) functions per year. Such guests may be charged a fee.

Section C:            Suspension, Expulsion, Recall

  1. The relevant sections of the Chartered Club Guidelines & Rules of the Association apply to disciplinary actions.
  2. The Board recognizes that grievance issues involve confidential matters. It will take every step to insure the confidentiality of the grievance process
  3. A grievance may be brought by any member about another for activities allegedly detrimental to the Club. These may ultimately warrant warnings, suspension or expulsion. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, excessive disruptive behavior; physical violence; abusive or obscene language; sexual harassment; unauthorized use of Club equipment; damage to fixtures and/or equipment; or, action in violation of these Bylaws.
  4. Such a grievance should be brought within 30 days and must be submitted with particulars, in writing, to any Officer or Director and forwarded to the President. Grievance details will include the name of the party or parties involved and a complete description of the alleged incident or activity. If the grievant is unwilling to make a written grievance because of personal concerns, the club officer should document the grievance in writing with details about the action taken. [See 2.10.M, (Club Files) for retention requirements.]
  5. Within 14 days of receipt of a written grievance, the President will consult with the Board to determine action on the grievance. If the grievance includes a Club Director, then that member will be excluded from the review. If the Board determines the grievance does not create the need for a Club Inquiry, a club officer will advise the grievant, documenting the decision in writing with details about the action taken and reporting the same to the club’s Lifestyle liaison along with all documentation.

If the Board finds the nature of the grievance requires further investigation, it will, in writing, notify the member(s) involved of an informal Club Inquiry. Notice will include all pertinent details of the allegations. The Board may appoint one or more uninvolved members-at-large to assist in the investigation of the grievance and be a part of the Club Inquiry.

  1. After the Club Inquiry is completed and reported to the Club Board, the Board may dismiss the grievance, advise the involved parties of that decision, and make a written record of the findings; or, it may request an appearance of the parties involved before the Board for a closed Club Hearing. The Lifestyle Committee liaison will be notified in writing, with detail, about the decision for a hearing.
  2. The Hearing will:
  3. Be scheduled within 14 days, with immediate written and verbal notice to all parties of interest and witnesses. Only members of the Club Board will represent the club and be involved in a decision. The hearing will be scheduled to accommodate the schedules of those who need to appear.
  4. Include an agenda for evidence from both sides and independent witnesses, allowing sufficient time for participant testimony and review of documents.
  5. Result in written findings of fact by the Board within 72 hours, including a recommendation for disposition of the grievance. The report will be sent to the club’s Lifestyle liaison with copies of all written documents used at the hearing. Any recommendation for suspension, expulsion or recall will include this statement to the member: “This decision will be reviewed by the Lifestyle Committee unless you notify the [insert Club name] Board in writing of your acceptance of this decision. Failure to appear, after notice, the review will be viewed as acceptance of the club’s recommendation.
  6. Any written material used by the club as documentation of the charges must be provided to the affected member at least ten (10) days before the hearing.

The recommendation for disposition will be one of the following:

  1. Dismissal of grievance: If the hearing finds no reasonable justification for the grievance, it will be dismissed.
  2. If the Board determines the grievance does not create the need for a Club Inquiry, a club officer should so advise the grievant, document the decision in writing with details about the action taken and report same to the club’s Lifestyle liaison along with all documentation.

[No approval by Lifestyles is required]

  1. Warning: If the hearing finds complete or partial justification of the grievance, the Board will issue a written warning and caution that any future disciplinary issues may result in Suspension or Expulsion. If within one year of a written warning, there is no further conduct of a similar nature by the member, the written record will be destroyed.

[No approval by Lifestyles is required]

  1. Suspension: If the hearing finds that the circumstances require a suspension of the member’s club participation, the Board can recommend suspension for a period ranging from one month to a year. During suspension, the member may not participate in club functions, have access to dedicated club rooms, or attend club meetings.

Section E.      Dues:

The annual dues are established at a range of $10 – $20 annually, as determined by the Board. Dues are payable by January 1 each year. The deadline each year for renewal of dues is the end of February. Members not paid up by this date will be removed from the member roster. They may rejoin, not renew, their membership after February 28. Dues may be adjusted by the Board for members joining after July 1 of each year. Dues are non-refundable.

The minimum amount of dues paid by a member is $10 per year (up to November of that year) and not to exceed $20 per year.  Dues increases shall be recommended to the membership by the SCABPC Board.  Approval requires a majority vote of the membership present at a regular quarterly meeting or special meeting with 30 days’ notice.  If a previous member returns after February 28, he/she will be moved to the bottom of the flight in which he/she previously participated.


Section A.      Officers/Terms:

The governing board of the SCABPC is the Board of Directors (herein referred to as the Board). The Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer. Club officers are elected on an annual basis and shall serve without compensation.   No member shall hold more than one office at a time.  Officers are elected for a one-year term, and may be re-elected to serve a maximum of two consecutive years in the same office. Members of the same household cannot serve simultaneously as Officers.

The Board may appoint Committee Chairs; however, they are not members of the Board.

Section B.      Club Board:

The above Club Officers constitute the Club Board.  All officers shall be elected by a vote of the general membership, and shall serve without compensation.

Section C.      Officers’ Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of each officer are as follows:


The President shall preside over all Club General Membership meetings and meetings of the Club Board; be responsible for the administration of all Club business; shall act as principal liaison between the Club and the Association; and shall ensure the financial and administrative integrity of the Club.

Vice President:

The Vice President has the customary role of standing in for the President in her/his absence, and keeping the President informed on all aspects of club business conducted in his/her absence. The Vice President shall perform other duties as assigned by the President.


The Secretary will attend all Board and General Membership Meetings, record minutes of meetings, and arrange its distribution to members.

The Secretary will maintain and update articles for the Club in SCA Spirit magazine, retain an archive of previous minutes, save copies of all email blasts sent to the membership, direct and archive club correspondence as requested by the Club Board and maintain other records of the club.


The Treasurer manages the finances of the Club, receives all monies, and pays all bills owed by the Club and insures the Club otherwise follows the financial controls and procedures in Chapter Three of the CCG&R’s.  The Treasurer keeps records of all financial transactions, prepares financial reports for meetings, and submits required reports to the Finance Committee at year end. All financial records will be retained for three years.

This office maintains the roster of paid up members.


If these offices are combined, so are the above duties.

Section D:              Nominations and Election Procedures:

At the 3rd Quarter Meeting (typically held in August), the President will announce a call for nominations. At this meeting nominations will be accepted.

The nomination process will continue up to and including the 4th Quarter Meeting (typically held in October).  Nominations will be accepted via e-mail or letter addressed to the club secretary.

The election will be held in the 4th Quarter, but prior to December 1st. The Board will report the election results to the Activities Department and the Lifestyle Committee liaison.

At the October meeting, nominations may be made from the floor with the consent of the nominee.   The slate of officers proposed by the nomination process shall be posted on the website and/or via e-mail not later than thirty (30) days prior to the October meeting, which shall also be the Election Meeting.

Officers shall be nominated and elected by the end of October of each year for annual terms of office to begin the following January 1.  The current President of the Club shall be responsible for the conducting of the nomination and election process.  All business requiring a vote shall be voted on by those members present at an officially announced meeting. If more than two persons are nominated for an office, the person who receives the most votes shall be declared the winner even if that person receives less than 50% of the total vote.

Section E:           Vacancies of Officers:

An Officer or elected Director who resigns or otherwise does not complete the full term of office may be replaced by appointment by the Club Board. At the completion of the term, a replacement will have the opportunity to be re-elected for full consecutive terms.


Section A.  Types and Frequencies of Meetings:

An Annual General Membership Meeting will be held each October or November at a time and place to be announced not less than 30 days prior to the meeting. All members in good standing are eligible to attend and vote for the election of Officers and/or Directors.

The Board has the authority to set the frequency and times of its meetings and other general membership meetings as needed.

Membership meetings shall be held each quarter unless otherwise designated by the Board.  All issues presented by the members shall be discussed and taken under consideration by the Board.  Special meetings may be called at any time by the President or by any two (2) members of the Board, provided notice of such meeting has been given by e-mail at least five (5) days prior to such meeting.

Section B.    Conduct of Meetings/Parliamentary Procedure:

Club business meetings shall be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order.

Section C:            Meeting Quorum and Voting Procedures:

A quorum for the General Membership Meeting is defined as the number of members in good standing who attend the meeting. Each attending member will have one vote by show of hands or secret ballot. A simple majority vote shall determine the passage of a motion.

A quorum for the Club Board meeting is defined as one-half of the members in good standing who are in attendance at the meeting, plus one. Each Club Director shall have one vote by show of hands or secret ballot. A simple majority vote shall determine the passage of a motion.

Section D: Committees:

Permanent (Standing) committees will be determined by Club officers. Committee chairpersons will be determined by the Club officers.


Section A.  SCABPC will comply in all respects with the Financial Controls and Procedures defined in the SCACAI Chartered Club Guidelines and Rules.

Section B.  Financial records shall be maintained by the club for a period of three (3) years.

Section C.  Officers shall authorize all expenditures. Checks will be signed by two Officers, one of whom, whenever possible, should be the treasurer, . The individual amount club officers are authorized to spend without membership approval is $200

Section D.           Financial records shall be maintained and reported to the Sun City Anthem Association in accordance with Financial Controls and Procedures as per Chapter Three of the Chartered Club Guidelines.

Section E.            The funds of the Club will be maintained in a bank account at a commercially acceptable and FDIC insured financial institution.

Section F.            The Treasurer’s financial report must be certified on an annual basis by individual(s) other than Officers or Club Directors. The results of the certification will be presented to the general membership and duly recorded in the applicable minutes of that meeting.


The Board may establish Committees and appoint Committee Chairpersons on a permanent or as-needed basis. The Board decides the scope and function of such committees and whether the Committee Chairpersons serve as Board Directors.


Section A.  Amendment of the Bylaws of this club requires a majority vote of the membership present at a regular quarterly meeting or a meeting duly called for such purpose, provided written notice of each proposed amendment or proposed new Bylaw has been posted thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.  Proposed Bylaws amendments must be approved by the Lifestyle Committee prior to presenting the amendments to the membership for a vote.

Section B.  Standing Rules shall be amended by a majority vote of members attending the regular monthly meeting, provided the amendments have been provided to the membership 30-days prior to the vote.


Prior to club dissolution, and after all debts are satisfied, all property and assets of the club shall be turned over to the SCA Association.

FOR THE CLUB:                                                    FOR THE ASSOCIATION: 

Bill Hoover, President, SCABPC                      Rex Weddle, President,                                                                                                            Community Lifestyles  Committee                                                                                       

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